Welcome To Sweadish Lifesciences is one of the top-tier manufacturers and exporters of pharmaceutical products like Tablets, Kid Tablets, Capsules, Soft Gels, Syrups, Ointments etc. Sweadish Lifesciences is happy to announce that our products are widely used in India as well as abroad and in great demand amongst the pharmaceutical dealers.

Product Indications Composition Packing
BILASE MAINTAIN, INTESTINAL & MICROFLORA Each 1gm sachet contains Prebiotic + Probiotic FOS With L- Glutamine Sachet (Orange flavour) 1x20x1 GM
SWED-3 RICKETS, OSTEOPOROSIS SKIN DESEASE Each 1gm sachet contains Cholecalciferol 6000  i.u. 1x20x1 GM
LR-NINE   L-Arginine 3GM, Folic Acid 2.5MG and Zinc Sulphate 10MG Granules. (Lemon Flavored) 10x10 GM
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